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Welcome to my site! In this pages I present some software that I wrote in Visual Basic and Delphi. And some robotics project and techniques.

  • ClsOpenGL: a VB class for using OpenGL library, a very powerful and professional 3D objects library
  • VBRASENG: an ActiveX/OLE server to interface VB with Windows Remote Access Services (RAS)
  • Web services tutorial: how to implement a web service client and server with Visual Basic 6 (in italian)

  • Extruder : a program to create 3D objects by extrusion technique, with colors and textures for any faces
  • Robotic arm : project and details of my robotic arm
  • OPenCV projects : projects in Delphi that use the opensource Open Computer Vision library
  • How to make PCB only with paper : etch your own electronic PCB, without any complex (and expensive) bromograph, or any special (and expensive) paper! But using only a blank paper sheet!

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